My Hair

Sooo! As promised (months ago) here is a hair update!

The Usual Suspects

There really isn’t much to report…I am not a product junkie so once I find something that works, I am done searching. My beloved Aveda Detox shampoo was discontinued years ago (insert crying here). However I had the foresight to buy 4 -5 bottles when the news first broke. So it wasn’t until recently I had to find a new love. I used to use a detox shampoo because I waited entirely too long in between shampoos (ewww…dirty b*tch) but now with all this working out I feel that I truly need it! I consulted my boo Amazon and found that the reviews of this Abba shampoo was worth the investment. Armed with my trusty spray bottle (I have been diluting my shampoo for years now) we make it work.

A year or so ago I made an investment in a hair steamer. I typically sit with a towel on my hair for like 20 minutes (due to laziness) and then I spray my hair with Greg Juice and sit under the steamer for 30 minutes. My detox shampoo makes sure all of the crap gets out of my hair and the Greg juice/steamer seem to be a good conditioning combo.

Better than a hair dryer...still not fun

I usually put my hair up into a high ponytail while I sit under the steamer.

After this…the next step depends on how I feel, the temperature outside or how late it is.  I detest the dryer (DETEST I TELL YOU!) so when it is hot enough I will put on my Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Serum and then just go sit in the sun until my hair dries. BUt in the winter (deep sigh) I put on my serum and sit under the dryer for a while. Yes…I am sitting under the dryer right now with a funky facial expression. THIS SHIT SUCKS!!! My hair takes hours to dry…it is so thick and is getting long. OMG I miss the days when it dried in 20 minutes! I never sit under the dryer until it’s bone dry though..maybe 30 – 45 minutes.

Would I cut my hair?

(emphatically) NO!

Well…guess I better get over it


So that’s pretty much it! See, not even interesting. Sorry to disappoint 🙂 If I remember, I will spray some Greg Juice on my hair before I take a shower…but who remembers to do that! I use satin pillowcases and I just put my hair into a messy bun when I take a shower. I am so no muss no fuss it’s not even funny.


5 and a half years later...


6 thoughts on “My Hair

  1. Deborah says:

    Your has gotten so long. It is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Clu says:

      Thank you! It still has a long way to go before I would EVER cut it

      • Deborah says:

        Mine was about your length. I just recently cut mine into layers. I forgot to take a pic before the cut. I had to just do it before I talked myself out of it. Sometimes I regret it. My contilation is that it will grow back. 🙂 Soon I will post a pic on my blog of the cut.

  2. Queenlocks says:

    Looking nice, very Nice! 🙂
    I like your new blog! *NOTE TO SELF* gotta add it to my blog list.

    Take Care~

  3. Valencia says:

    Wow Clu your hair has really gotten long! I’m having a little loc envy, lol. I believe you less is more. Now if I could apply it to myself, lol. Take Care

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