Totally Random Thursdays XI

– So I have been hovering around the same 5 pounds for like 2 months now. I swear this weight loss thing is like 90% mental. The mechanics of how to lose weight isn’t a secret. Convincing yourself to do what you need to do? A whole different story.

– Have I ever mentioned that emotional eating is the devil? Satan himself. I finally got my stuff back together a few weeks ago and I had a great loss one week (4 lbs) Do you know the receptionist chastised me! He said I should “live a little” and seemed alarmed that I work out 5 days a week. While I know better…that threw my whole week off! I ate like I would have a year and a half ago. I gained over 8 pounds the next week. *sigh* I have come back from that and shook all of that weight off…but it took 3 weeks! I knew better than that…

– I am down 92.2 as of Tuesday. Less than 8 pounds until a HUGE milestone. *booty dance*

– I have my race schedule all set up until the end of June. 😀 I have already done 3 races this year.

– I like taking photos…clearly. lol. That February photo challenge was fun! 🙂

– I went to the gym enough times in January & February to qualify for reimbursement! Gimme the money!

– I need a new gym bag. The inside of my current bag is cracking and flaking all over my stuff #ewww It looks like my bag has dandruff. I kinda like this one. I shall meditate on it for a few days…

– I was shocked at the price tag but I can’t stop thinking about this swimsuit. I think this will be my gift to myself when I hit the 100 lb mark! It is so made for my body type! This swimsuit has me going to the gym when I don’t want to and putting down cookies for apple slices. The shit is amaze-balls! No idea what size I will need by summer…

– I ordered a spring coat last week that arrived yesterday. I am pretty sure it will change my life…

New coat AND new pants


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