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Totally Random Thursdays XII

– I am about ready to cut off a leg to get rid of these last 5 pounds. Ok…that was dramatic…but I am ready to get my weight loss into the triple digits.

– I am not done once I get to a 100 lb loss. I will still loss 30 – 60 more pounds. I am going into uncharted territory. I haven’t been below the weight at this height…ever. I think that is where my little January/February/March stutter stepping came from. Why would I be nervous about being smaller? poo

– Tuesday I went to Chipotle with a WW member after the meeting. She hadn’t ever tracker her Chipotle before! *gasp* I helped here construct her burrito bowl and track it on her app while we were in line. It gave me the warn fuzzies to help someone eat something yummy while being on plan. 🙂

– Nicolay got a haircut last weekend AND I had to buy his food. Homie needs a fothermuckin job!!!

– I have been shopping more and more. Just a few pieces now and then. Just enough to help my poor little wardrobe along. I got the cutest top from Macy’s last week for a fcukin steal! I am going to wear it this weekend…I should take pictures..

– When I did that collage I posted yesterday I really didn’t see a dramatic difference. I called the boy in the room and he basically looked at me like I was crazy. Then I put it on FB…the response was way more than I expected. Guess I am the odd one.

– I told my Doctor today that if I start to see loose skin I will be slowing down my weight loss efforts and multiply my strength training. I love him…he didn’t even fight me. I like Doctors who understand vanity. 🙂 He looked at my arms and said that I still have hope to not have any. He suggested I start working on my arms like 5 times a week…low weight, high repetition. Sadly I already knew that but I haven’t been doing it…I need to work out my triceps every day for the rest of my life! FOR.EV.ER!

– Every time I see him (my Doctor) he asks me what my goal is. I told him what the top weight in the “normal” BMI was for my height and he scrunched his face. lol. He said I should just focus on getting out of the “obese” category and into “overweight”. (yup…I am still considered obese *face*) That’s a good interim goal. Once I hit the 100 lb mark I will set that as my next mini goal.

– Last week someone asked me if my hair was all mine. I answered the question without a stank face. I am growing. 🙂

– Our 3 year anniversary is coming up. What am I going to do? Absolutely no idea!


Totally Random Thursdays XI

– So I have been hovering around the same 5 pounds for like 2 months now. I swear this weight loss thing is like 90% mental. The mechanics of how to lose weight isn’t a secret. Convincing yourself to do what you need to do? A whole different story.

– Have I ever mentioned that emotional eating is the devil? Satan himself. I finally got my stuff back together a few weeks ago and I had a great loss one week (4 lbs) Do you know the receptionist chastised me! He said I should “live a little” and seemed alarmed that I work out 5 days a week. While I know better…that threw my whole week off! I ate like I would have a year and a half ago. I gained over 8 pounds the next week. *sigh* I have come back from that and shook all of that weight off…but it took 3 weeks! I knew better than that…

– I am down 92.2 as of Tuesday. Less than 8 pounds until a HUGE milestone. *booty dance*

– I have my race schedule all set up until the end of June. 😀 I have already done 3 races this year.

– I like taking photos…clearly. lol. That February photo challenge was fun! 🙂

– I went to the gym enough times in January & February to qualify for reimbursement! Gimme the money!

– I need a new gym bag. The inside of my current bag is cracking and flaking all over my stuff #ewww It looks like my bag has dandruff. I kinda like this one. I shall meditate on it for a few days…

– I was shocked at the price tag but I can’t stop thinking about this swimsuit. I think this will be my gift to myself when I hit the 100 lb mark! It is so made for my body type! This swimsuit has me going to the gym when I don’t want to and putting down cookies for apple slices. The shit is amaze-balls! No idea what size I will need by summer…

– I ordered a spring coat last week that arrived yesterday. I am pretty sure it will change my life…

New coat AND new pants

Totally Random Thursdays X

– I made it through a year of Weight Watchers! 🙂 I have never stuck to something weight loss related for this long. It really is so easy to follow that it isn’t hard to continue. It will get a little rough as I lose weight and my daily points keep dropping. I have 13 fewer points per day than I did when I started. It was a gradual reduction but that’s a big drop dammit! But I have done it! 🙂

– I also realized that the only time I missed a weigh-in and/or meeting was when I was in Italy for a week.

– I need new bras. The boy asked me why my bra was “baggy” this morning while I was getting dressed. Word? thanks asshole… lol. I knew I would lose weight all over but dang…

– You can already tell from my WW post that I didn’t lose 100 lbs in a year. 87 lbs is cool though 😀

– I volunteered at a race Saturday. I was shocked (shocked I tell you) to run into so many people I know! When did I become friends with all of these active people? lol

– I am going to Philly this weekend with one of my girls to visit another one of my girls! 🙂

– All this extra workout stuff (running class, kickboxing, swimming, etc) have made me forget about the gym. No more! My insurance reimburses my gym fees if I go 50 times in 6 months. I am on a mission between now and the end of February! I have 21 more times to go. So doable if I don’t let me coworkers derail my midday workouts.

– There is a half-marathon that I wanted to sign up for in April but…yeah…no sure. I think the only reason I want to sign up is because they give out medals and it’s only for women. It falls on my 3 year anniversary with the boy…and it is $75…I still have time to think about it. I have 3 races on my calendar for February and March so far.

Totally Random Thursdays IX

– Sadly my step-cousin who fell into a coma in mid October passed away a little over 2 weeks ago. I sat with friends at the funeral.

– Being around current and old friends made me wonder why the “old” friends became “old” friends…I thought about it a lot when I visited the hospital and ran into people I used to spend everyday with 10 years ago. Nothing horrible happened…maybe a small misunderstanding at the time…but we aren’t friends anymore simply because we just don’t want to. Well that’s the way it seems. Because when were all around each other it was like time hadn’t passed (even in the middle of this tragic situation) but neither party cares enough to keep it going. We just get reminded of how much fun we all had at gatherings that require us to get together. Or I could be off base…after a few days of constant contact I may remember why we kept it moving.

– I can officially say (yes, 2 weigh in before the fact) that I will not reach my goal to lose 100 pounds in a year. My one year anniversary of joining WW is 1/10/2011. I am at 84.4 lbs now and it’s not safe or possible to get to 100 in that time. Am I sad? NOPE! It will happen

– I got a Kindle for Christmas! 🙂 I also had a NASTY stomach flu over Christmas. I am still kind of dealing with it now. That shit is NOT the business! I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Ok…I lie…I would! 😀

– Today is the boy’s birthday. 🙂

– I am schedules to run a 4 mile race at midnight in Central Park for NYE! This is the first year I have done something in a good little while. I always struggle to find something because I can take or leave alcohol and I am not a club person. MY idea of fun is not paying an insane extra amount to party with strangers for one night and nurse a hangover all day…falling asleep before midnight is also not the business. The boy will be there with me but he won’t be running…eventhough there will be thousands of people running in the park he still doesn’t want me there by myself.

– Yesterday was my last day in the office until the New Year! #swoon

Totally Random Thursdays II

– My gym accessories (bag, lock, shoes, headphones, mat) are in the brightest colors I can stand. It’s kinda hard to ignore the pink gym bag on the floor of my office. Well…not really…but I thought bright happy colors would make going to the gym fun.

– I bought the new Beyonce and Jill Scott albums at the same time. Guess which one I have been listening to more? *hangsheadinshame* Damn you Mrs. Carter! Get out of my head!

– My homie from college and my roommate my first year in Indiana (bless her for dealing with my moody butt) is getting married in November. I really don’t enjoy shopping but I need a nice dress to wear…AND I don’t want to buy one too soon because I don’t know what size I may be in a month and a half. I saw this dress that I think would look a-maz-ing on me (I’m a total pear shape)…but I’m not spending that kind of money for a one time dress AND is it really wedding appropriate? Maybe its just the models’ pouty mouth that is throwing me off…I dunno…doesn’t matter…not getting it. May still go and try it on though…

– Gym showers make my soul sad…

– Speaking of shopping, while out with Mom this weekend and I was really REALLY trying to let go of some money and buy some clothes. I am not at my goal yet and my clothes from 60 pounds ago aren’t the most flattering but I just can’t spend money on clothes I KNOW I am only going to wear for one season. I did it this summer, but that’s only because I was going to Italy. Will I ever be able to wear those cute dresses again? Probably not. *sigh* I did catch a glimpse of my arse today when I was getting my oatmeal and I must say…my pants are kinda sad.

Where did my booty go?

I know I have a booty…where did it go? Oh…it’s hiding under a bunch of excess fabric. But I’m sorry…I just can’t do it!

Starting off 2009 right!

Remember my scruffy little dog? Yeah…you remember! Just scroll down and look at his scruffy little self sitting on my desk at work. Go ahead…I’ll wait…
Ok so I have been trying to contact his groomer for the past week but I suppose she is on vacation. (Why is everyone on vacation but me?!? wth?) Looking at poor Nicolay in his scruffy state made me feel bad so I felt that I had to pick up the scissors…

Yes…I groomed my dog myself. I just got scissor happy and before I knew it he was fly again! I just had to lay down some plastic and put him on a tray table so he couldn’t get away. Nicolay has the Napoleon complex but luckily he knows his limits and will not jump off of anything high. After the cut he spent a few minutes in the bathtub with some shampoo & conditioner and *BAM*
Nicolay was good as new…

I would like to thank Nick Arrojo and his many makeovers on What Not to Wear where I learned to cut at an angle to avoid choppy cuts. You just saved me 50-70 bucks. Happy New Year!

Now…my hair?!? I NEED a retightening sooo damn bad!!! I am so not over reacting by the way

See…wth?!? I have an appointment next Sunday so hopefully I will have the mental stamina to wash and separate my locks this weekend. I LOVE the fullness of my hair right before a retightening but I hate the way my locks try to get all intimate and become one…

Although my hair is in a shitty state right now…I figure I should put up some pics since I have been locked 2.5 years. Go me! 🙂

Happy New Year!

Luckily I finally ended up at a place where Nicolay can join me at the office from time to time. So while the rest of the world is at home relaxing today…Nicolay and I are at work crunching numbers. Nicolay isn’t really helpful though…the 10 key seems to confuse him.

(I know he looks scruffy…he is in desperate need of a SERIOUS grooming! Don’t call the ASPCA!)

Happy New Year to you and yours!

NYC Winter Fashion

And now…to highlight the stupidest shit I have seen in fashion this winter…

You know these hats right?

I have seen alot of people wearing these. Whatever. NYC winters are very serious and since most people commute via public transportation you have to do whatever you can to stay warm…


Dammit…wth?!? Can you explain the purpose of this?!? I saw someone with this hat on one day in the subway and I am pretty sure I stared at his hat until he got off the train. Is it really that hard in the streets?!? Can we just not let go of the fitted and move on to a real winter hat?

Hopefully the red & green hat will not show up under your tree tomorrow…

Random commercials…

This commercial didn’t bother me…

but this ones does

I literally blink and just stare every time this commercial comes on…

…the kids in soccer costumes…the Chihuahua…puppets with hips (hips?!? wtf?)…dancing around with rollers in hair…THE CONGA LINE…a m*thafc-kin conga line!!!


Look What You’re Doin To Me!!!

Hi People! 🙂

My blog is a few days away from becoming extremly lame…so I decided I should pop in and say hello…while I continue to put off posting a real post. Juggling being a grown up, a dog parent, friends, trying to date…bleh…I am just tired. 🙂

I am coming up on almost 2.5 years locked…so I am happy about that. My hair is sorta finally kinda touching my shoulders. I will say that the rate of growth seems to have slowed down 😦 But its ok…I am really enjoying my hair at the length.

And now…a peace offering! Check out the song below….Its Jazzanova ft. Phonte and it is the music constantly playing in my head right now. And yes….that’s the Phonte from “Mr. Nicolay Phonte” 🙂

Happy Holidays!