Fried Chicken Bucket List

This is a list of things my weight have stopped me from doing…and before you attack me, there are weight limits to certain shit so I am not even being dramatic people! Jeez…

And there are some things on the list that I just wouldn’t allow myself to do because I didn’t want to end up on the bad end of a joke for being the big girls in tights when she knows her ass shouldn’t…judge me if you want!

This list will grow 🙂

01. Sky Dive (this is task I hope to accomplish by my 30th birthday…if I lose enough weight)

02. Go to trapeze school for a day

03. Parasail

04. Wear a backless dress

05. Run in a 10K…the whole way

06. Wear a bathing suit without a cover-up – I’ve grown…I did that this summer. It was too damn hot to give a fluck

07. Wear a strapless dress – Again…too hot to give a fluck this summer

08. Go to a waterpark and get on every ride without worrying about the weight limit (that shit sucks!)

09. No longer need a seatbelt extender – I accomplished this after like 30 pounds gone…and it felt so damn good!

10. Fit into one of the seats on the 1 train without invading another seat…this will be hard, even at my smallest I will always have some hips! We shall see…stay tuned.

11. Photo shoot! The only professional photos I have ever taken were for school…and do those really count? seriously. This will be my treat to myself whenever I reach goal. I already know the photographer I want to use so I know it wouldn’t be a cheesy shoot

12. Ziplining!

13. Paintball…I would be a sitting/breathing hard/weezing duck right now

14. Kayaking


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