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Wordless Wednesday



Wordless Wednesday

March 2011 vs. March 2012

FPAD# 29 – Something I’m Listening To…

Shockingly I completed this challenge! (Pomp & circumstance!)

Since the passing of Whitney Houston her Pandora station has been in heavy rotation when I’m at work. I forgot how much I like early 90’s Mariah

FPAD# 28 – Money

My “hidden” $20

My Mom always has an extra $20 in her purse away from the rest of her money just in case. The practice continues.

FPAD# 27 – Something I ate

When I find the low down sommamab*tch who brought peanut butter brownies to the office and left them in the kitchen…I will fcuk them up.

It was yummy though!

FPAD# 26 – Night

GWB and stinky New Jersey

FPAD# 25 – Green

2nd race of 2012. I need to stretch and shower asap…

(ewwwwww Brooklyn! yuck) 🙂

FPAD# 23 – My Shoes

My ugly comfy shoes 🙂