FPAD# 24 – inside my bathroom cabinet

Ehhh…pretty standard


FPAD# 23 – My Shoes

My ugly comfy shoes 🙂

FPAD#22 – Where I work

I’m not neat…

FPAD#21 – A Fave Photo of You (*me!*) :-)

I have an interesting sense of humor. Lol

FPAD# 20 – Handwriting

Handwriting…and a photocopy of Nicolay’s foot.

Strange things happen when dogs come to work

FPAD#19 – Something I Hate To DO

Why can’t my clothes wash themselves? My next place needs to have a washer/dryer in my apartment.

It really isn’t that bad…I suppose. But I’d rather pay someone else to do it for me or…yeah…pay someone else to do it for me. I used a drop off service for 3 years but there is no laundromat near my new building (first world problems) so it just makes sense to do it myself


FPAD#18 – Drink

My first non water drink of the week

Sometimes you need something sugary! #dontjudge

FPAD# 17 – Time

It’s almost time for kick boxing (6:30)…too bad I’m running a few minutes late (whoomp whoomp)

FPAD# 16 – Something New

Boxing Gloves! And they were on sale 🙂

FPAD#15 – Phone

I LOVE my cell phone but I hate this one. It always seems to bring me more work