Totally Random Thursdays X

– I made it through a year of Weight Watchers! 🙂 I have never stuck to something weight loss related for this long. It really is so easy to follow that it isn’t hard to continue. It will get a little rough as I lose weight and my daily points keep dropping. I have 13 fewer points per day than I did when I started. It was a gradual reduction but that’s a big drop dammit! But I have done it! 🙂

– I also realized that the only time I missed a weigh-in and/or meeting was when I was in Italy for a week.

– I need new bras. The boy asked me why my bra was “baggy” this morning while I was getting dressed. Word? thanks asshole… lol. I knew I would lose weight all over but dang…

– You can already tell from my WW post that I didn’t lose 100 lbs in a year. 87 lbs is cool though 😀

– I volunteered at a race Saturday. I was shocked (shocked I tell you) to run into so many people I know! When did I become friends with all of these active people? lol

– I am going to Philly this weekend with one of my girls to visit another one of my girls! 🙂

– All this extra workout stuff (running class, kickboxing, swimming, etc) have made me forget about the gym. No more! My insurance reimburses my gym fees if I go 50 times in 6 months. I am on a mission between now and the end of February! I have 21 more times to go. So doable if I don’t let me coworkers derail my midday workouts.

– There is a half-marathon that I wanted to sign up for in April but…yeah…no sure. I think the only reason I want to sign up is because they give out medals and it’s only for women. It falls on my 3 year anniversary with the boy…and it is $75…I still have time to think about it. I have 3 races on my calendar for February and March so far.


One thought on “Totally Random Thursdays X

  1. Valencia says:

    I’m digging your new blog! Congrats on the weight loss. I see so much has happened for your over the past year or so. Congrats on everything! I see your into running.. I def will keep up with your new blog. I started running I think in 2008 but fell off the wagon and for a very long time. I was off and on between then but wasn’t consistent. I just started back running( actually walking/jogging) almost 2 weeks ago, and it feels good to be back. Not sure is you heard of Black Girls Run they are an awesome group. I just joined the group in my area last week. It helps a lot with motivation. If you haven’t already heard of them or joined them you should look them up!I’m sure there is a group in your area. I’m trying to talk myself into running a race(5K) on Saturday but I think it’s too soon, we shall see

    Along with my Sisterlocks Blog I have a running and vegan blog. But I’m currently putting the two together, that’s too much work. Once I get it up an running, check me out.

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