Totally Random Thursdays

Brag on yourself. Name 11 things you did in ‘11 that you’re proud of.

(stolen from)

Nice change of pace for this Thursday edition

1.  I completed 10 weeks of my running class

2. I got another stamp in my passport and had an A-MAZING time in Italy

3. Implemented a consistent workout routine

4. Started blogging again 🙂

5. Lost 80 pounds.

6. I actually participated in every race I signed up for (sounds simple, but sticktoittivness and follow through were not my specialities)

7. I FINALLY organized my apartment on New Year’s Eve. This is the best my apartment has looked since I moved in 2 years ago

8. Hit my 2011 savings goal! Mo money, mo money mo money!

9. Changed my relationship with food however I still have my moments (sue me! I’m human)

10. I have a kitchen that is fully stocked like a grown up and not a college kid. It’s nice being able to make a dish without having to go to the grocery store every single time

11. Damn that…ONE MO GIN…I LOST OVER 80 POUNDS UP IN THIS B*TCH! #whoopwhoop

ok…I’m done.


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