Totally Random Thursdays IX

– Sadly my step-cousin who fell into a coma in mid October passed away a little over 2 weeks ago. I sat with friends at the funeral.

– Being around current and old friends made me wonder why the “old” friends became “old” friends…I thought about it a lot when I visited the hospital and ran into people I used to spend everyday with 10 years ago. Nothing horrible happened…maybe a small misunderstanding at the time…but we aren’t friends anymore simply because we just don’t want to. Well that’s the way it seems. Because when were all around each other it was like time hadn’t passed (even in the middle of this tragic situation) but neither party cares enough to keep it going. We just get reminded of how much fun we all had at gatherings that require us to get together. Or I could be off base…after a few days of constant contact I may remember why we kept it moving.

– I can officially say (yes, 2 weigh in before the fact) that I will not reach my goal to lose 100 pounds in a year. My one year anniversary of joining WW is 1/10/2011. I am at 84.4 lbs now and it’s not safe or possible to get to 100 in that time. Am I sad? NOPE! It will happen

– I got a Kindle for Christmas! 🙂 I also had a NASTY stomach flu over Christmas. I am still kind of dealing with it now. That shit is NOT the business! I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Ok…I lie…I would! 😀

– Today is the boy’s birthday. 🙂

– I am schedules to run a 4 mile race at midnight in Central Park for NYE! This is the first year I have done something in a good little while. I always struggle to find something because I can take or leave alcohol and I am not a club person. MY idea of fun is not paying an insane extra amount to party with strangers for one night and nurse a hangover all day…falling asleep before midnight is also not the business. The boy will be there with me but he won’t be running…eventhough there will be thousands of people running in the park he still doesn’t want me there by myself.

– Yesterday was my last day in the office until the New Year! #swoon


One thought on “Totally Random Thursdays IX

  1. mytwobabies says:

    sorry about your loss. yes, it is sad when the connection we had with people is just not there anymore. the reasons are many. as my daughter says “it is what it is” . regarding your weight loss, girl, please! you have tooo much to be proud of your self about. i have no doubt you will reach your goal. i agree with you regarding new years eve. you are lucky you have “the boy” who cares about your well being. good luck!, and happy new year!

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