Totally Random Thursdays VIII

– I am done with Christmas shopping! After a few days of concentrated internet browsing I am done! I only shop for 4 people (Mom, Nana, my niece and the boy) so it’s not too crazy, but I am happy that it is over with. Now I just have to wait for the packages to arrive.

– wait…that’s a lie. I also brought presents for 2 kids. I usually do the Winter Wishes program where you can answer letter to Santa. I ended up buying a spiderman toy for a 7 year old boy and the game Sorry for a 6 year old girl. My Mom was annoyed because she requested a letter and her child wanted a $40 gift certificate. *whomp whomp* lol.

– Holiday Staff party is tonight! They always have a raffle and the items are pretty amazing so I wouldn’t miss this for the world…I will be showing up late and sweaty though. Running class is tonight! 🙂 I should get these right after the food and right before the raffle starts. Hopefully a quick ho bath after my run will suffice so I won’t scare off my co-workers

– I am running in a race Saturday. 🙂 I have to go pick up my number later…and my bells. lol. It’s called a “Jingle Bell Jog”…I will wear the bells on my sneakers but I won’t be donning any antlers

– I surprised myself Tuesday and ran a mile faster than I did at the 5th Ave mile a few months ago. I wasn’t even trying! I downloaded this new app that does the whole, gps, pace, distance thing and I tried it out. I ran for 20 minutes and I looked down and saw the screen was frozen O_o So I decided to run another 20 blocks to see if it would work. So I was pleasantly surprised that my fatigued “let’s see if this thing works” mile was faster than my “all out…wait…I think I am going to die” mile from September. Can’t wait for this race next year.

– I haven’t used my kitchen in months…I need to fix that. All this exercise is making me super hungry and I need to buy/make more nutritious filling food. I don’t enjoy being hungry!


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