Totally Random Thursdays VII

– I am SOOOOO fcuking thrilled people! I weighed-in Tuesday morning and I FINALLY did it! I passed the 75 pound loss milestone *cheers* I actually have lost 76ish lbs so I was happy I passed the mark with some cushion. I really REALLY wanted to reach that milestone before Thanksgiving (I didn’t…I gained .4 last week…which in all honesty, could have just been water…tricky water) and I went to SC with no intention of losing weight. Something clicked when I noticed my Dad had a food scale…I could pre-track Thanksgiving! I decided what I would allow myself to have and I stuck to it! I feel so proud of myself for getting through such a tricky holiday and hitting my milestone at the same time

– I have had a few people use the word “inspiring” when referring to my weight-loss. I think it is super weird and I never know how to respond.

– The Turkey Trot in SC was fun. Much smaller race than I am used to. I am slowly getting faster and running more.

– NO SHONEY’S!!! We didn’t dine anywhere with a buffet. #winning

– My Step-Mom was super excited about my weight loss and Weight Watchers. She was a WW member once upon a time and she is thinking of re-joining now. She kept asking me the points of everything I was eating which got kind of annoying…but she was just being curious so it was ok.

– I wish I had something to say that didn’t have to do with weight loss…seems I am having a brain fart kind of day


2 thoughts on “Totally Random Thursdays VII

  1. chanecia17 says:

    Congratulations on reaching your milestone. I too, am doing more running then walking. It feels good, right?

  2. Mary-Anne says:

    Great job! I love reading about your weight-loss efforts

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