Totally Random Thursdays VI

– I have been on FIRE the past few weeks. On fire I tell you! I am officially down 73 pounds 🙂 I think when I started blogging over here at wordpress I was down 50-something (nothing is stopping me from going back and reading my earlier posts except laziness) I had a goal in my head to be down 75 before Thanksgiving. If it happens…GREAT…if not? still great dammit! 😀 I am back into familiar territory. This is the weight I hovered around back in college so I am determined to not get comfortable and keep going.

– I had a frienemy once who told me I should just get rid of all of my old clothes because if I didn’t fit in them they were just sitting around and making me sad. Whether that is true or not…now I am SOOOO glad I did not listen…I CAN FIT INTO ALL OF MY OLD CLOTHES AGAIN! 🙂 I visited Mom a few weeks ago (see whiny Sunday post from like 2 weeks ago) and I ventured up into the attic. What what what? MY wardrobe has just multiplied in size! A lot of things were donated (wth was I thinking back then?) but some GREAT staples made it back into my closet.

Hello leather coats! I missed you so much! I found some jeans that still had the tags on them! I don’t think G.AP even makes Long & Lean jeans anymore…guess who just found 3 pair in extra long. Yes…that would be me 🙂 I even found a dress for the wedding I am going to Saturday! I was really sad about spending money on something I would only wear once. Thank you 24-year-old Clu for being hard-headed and saving all of your stuff. 29-year-old Clu is very thankful

– Believe it or not I signed up for yet ANOTHER race. One of my online WW friends mentioned she was doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. I have heard of them before but never really cared. 🙂 Mr Google found me a Turkey Trot in the city I am visiting for the Holiday! I signed up immediately! I will be 5K-ing it up Thanksgiving morning in South Carolina. (Ha! Spell check is telling me “5K-ing” isn’t a word…psst…like hell it isn’t!)

– There has been a little too much drama around transportation to and from this wedding for my taste. It’s rare that Mike and I fight but we’ve been going toe to toe over this shit. Maybe boyfriends should just stay home for weddings? Mike is already going, driving me and 2 girlfriends there and dropping off my dog at my Mom’s on the way…I think he is just taking a little man-stand on this last issue. #rollingeyes Whatever…everything will be fine the day of.

– I pray to sweet white Jesus (Uncle Ruckus -Boondocks) that I don’t have to go to Shoney’s at all during my trip to SC. OMFG…we went at least twice last year and…I just can’t! I CAN’T! I DON’T DO PLACES WITH BUFFETS! I can’t! I just can’t! no no no no no! HELL NO!

ok…I’m calm

But seriously! And this has nothing to do with Weight Watchers…I just can’t! I CANNOT!

– My Father & Step-Mother don’t know that I have lost any weight. This will be an interesting trip. They always use to dig at that but now since that is getting under control…what will be the new issue? hmm…Shit who knows. My niece dyed her hair and got 2 new piercings since they have last seen her…maybe I will be an afterthought #swoon Music to my ears…leave me alone 🙂

– The scale at my gym is always at like this insanely small amount (well…relative to me…yes, I think it is insane) There are not that many chicks at my gym who weigh 110 lbs. Its weird…I don’t know if I am more annoyed that someone just won’t reset it to zero or  I think people are lying. “You lie black girl! You know you want blond hair!” Anyway…yall need more people…just reset the damn scale to zero!


One thought on “Totally Random Thursdays VI

  1. patricia says:

    you rock! happy turkey trot and safe travels to you.

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