Totally Random Thursdays V

– I have another 5K Saturday. I am planning to run my intervals during the race. Kinda sure that even while running intervals I should still be faster than my time in May…maybe

– The audit is still going on. I am beyond annoyed with this entire process and cannot wait for it to be over

– Got my hair done yesterday…5 hours.

– I know I shouldn’t put weight goals to a date but I really wanted to be down 75 pounds before Thanksgiving. I’m at 68 now and it sorta doable…but probably not.

– I had a dream last night that Nicolay had some Doberman size poo. When I tried to pick it up with a pooper scooper, it turned into dirt. I don’t even want to know what that means…


One thought on “Totally Random Thursdays V

  1. Necia says:

    You’ve inspired me to sign up for a 5k! It’s next Sunday. I havent run but once since. Oy vey. Thanks for the inspiration, I think!

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