Totally Random Thursdays IV

Weight Loss Edition

– I am always baffled when I am on the WW forums and I hear people complaining that we have too many points. o_O word? Cause you got so damn big by not eating a lot?FCUKOUTTAHEREWITHDATBULLSH*T! Really? You have difficulty eating your daily points?…cause you were eating so much less before WW? You sound stupid…especially if you are over 100 pounds over your “goal”…we all know the deal…you’re eating like you’re on a diet and you’re restricting yourself too much. Go eat some peanut butter and guacamole…not at the same time of course (ewww!)

– With all of my self-conscious psychoses I have never been self-conscious about going to the gym. I was watching the Biggest Loser this week and Sunny had a damn near nervous breakdown because she was back at the gym where people laughed at her in an aerobics class. I WISH A MUTHAFCUKA WOULD!!! Word? You wanna chuckle and giggle at the fat girl in the gym trying to better herself? You are disgusting and I am pretty positive if this happened to me I would stop whatever workout I was doing and say something. I have had many lame reasons for not utilizing a gym membership in the past but NEVER because I was embarrassed by what people would think. It’s a gym! I would be more embarrassed at a buffet…

– I have had that happen…people giving me crazy looks while I am out eating, ordering food, or just minding my damn business. Not so much now…but definetly 66 pounds ago. But like I said…at the gym doing my thing or at a race? Don’t get your feelings hurt!

– I won’t always share my weight loss every week but I did lose this week so my total weight loss is down (or up?) to 66 pounds. The boy did not bring my scale back this weekend (*death stare*) so I had no idea what the verdict would be. Pleasantly surprised.

– and while my readership is low I can be honest and say that when I started trying to lose weight after Thanksgiving 2010 I enlisted the help of a psychologist. I knew that most of the battle was mental and I needed to understand why I developed the habits I had and why I basically refused to fix them. I was clearly aware when I was eating emotionally but I would do it anyway. So for 8ish months I had a weekly visit with “The Glaze” (that was the nickname the boy gave him) Once I felt I had a grip I decided to give it a break (July). If I ever feel my resolve slipping or I start to revert, I will not hesitate to seek out help again because I’m not doing all of this shit (weight loss) again!

– Running class is cool. No men which I assumed, but loads of fun women. I am finding myself in the back of the pack with 3 other black women. One of the ladies is my height (6’0) so we kinda gravitated towards each other naturally. It’s cool to run with other people because I tend to push myself too hard and I can pace myself better. With my new running homies I make myself talk to make sure I am not doing too much. The coach said we should be able to talk when we run. This week we moved up to running for 2 minutes, walking for 2 minutes and repeating it 5 times. Still holding on people!

– One day soon I will have to do a post about my current hair regimen. It’ll be a super simple post because there really isn’t much. I just wash my hair often because of all of this working out.

– When I reach goal I will probably share what my heaviest weight was. I can count on one hand the number of people who know what I weigh (excluding WW receptionists and healthcare practitioners) and where I was. Probably why I couldn’t be a weight loss blogger…


One thought on “Totally Random Thursdays IV

  1. chanecia17 says:

    Hey there lady! Just wanted to reiterate that Im reading every post, even if I don’t get a chance to comment. I think it’s great that you are enjoying your running class, and even that you’re taking a running class. When I first started out I ran with a friend, and we would always talk. Unfortunately the running bug didn’t stick with her. Im wasnt so sure it was going to stick with me either, but Im determined to be a runner. Looking forward to reading about you and your journey!

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