Totally Random Thursdays III

– I tried to donate blood yesterday but I was denied…iron was too low 😦

– I ALWAYS take pictures of the boy and Nicolay when they’re sleeping. I could fill an album with them knocked out. I just think it’s so friggin adorable! I usually show them to the boy when he wakes up 🙂 I won’t share any of those…but here’s a picture of Nicolay driving

not amused…

– My gyno always compliments my hair at the most inopportune time at our annual appointments…which would be ANY TIME DURING THE APPOINTMENT!

– Running class seems to be manageable. It was so funny when they started introductions and the lady said “Good Evening Runners!”…who? me? lol. The first class was good, we ran for 1 minute and walked for 2 minutes x 7 so…21 minutes of actual activity isn’t bad. The supposed goal is to be able to run for 20 minutes without stopping at the end of 10 weeks. We shall see! *crossing fingers* Session #2 is tonight 🙂

– I LOVED my Muay Thai/Kickboxing bootcamp last week! Can’t wait until tomorrow. I think I just really like hitting stuff

– I made the boy take my scale back home with him. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I weighed myself multiple times a day…even that doesn’t seem to do my scale obsession justice. Anytime I pass by it actually (which is quite often because it is in the bathroom) I am tempted to step on it. People have varying views on how often you should weigh yourself…I need to get it down to once a day in the morning and then I can take it from there. I am longing (yes, longing) to be reunited with my scale Saturday ❤

– I finally bought some clothes (yay!) a new pair of jeans, work pants and some plain shirts in different colors. Just enough to get by for a while…that’s all…no more

– Saturday I am set to volunteer with the breast cancer walk by handing out brownies and cheering on the participants. I wonder if I should make a sign? (only half kidding)

– Blackberry is pissing me off lately…get it together people!

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