Totally Random Thursdays II

– My gym accessories (bag, lock, shoes, headphones, mat) are in the brightest colors I can stand. It’s kinda hard to ignore the pink gym bag on the floor of my office. Well…not really…but I thought bright happy colors would make going to the gym fun.

– I bought the new Beyonce and Jill Scott albums at the same time. Guess which one I have been listening to more? *hangsheadinshame* Damn you Mrs. Carter! Get out of my head!

– My homie from college and my roommate my first year in Indiana (bless her for dealing with my moody butt) is getting married in November. I really don’t enjoy shopping but I need a nice dress to wear…AND I don’t want to buy one too soon because I don’t know what size I may be in a month and a half. I saw this dress that I think would look a-maz-ing on me (I’m a total pear shape)…but I’m not spending that kind of money for a one time dress AND is it really wedding appropriate? Maybe its just the models’ pouty mouth that is throwing me off…I dunno…doesn’t matter…not getting it. May still go and try it on though…

– Gym showers make my soul sad…

– Speaking of shopping, while out with Mom this weekend and I was really REALLY trying to let go of some money and buy some clothes. I am not at my goal yet and my clothes from 60 pounds ago aren’t the most flattering but I just can’t spend money on clothes I KNOW I am only going to wear for one season. I did it this summer, but that’s only because I was going to Italy. Will I ever be able to wear those cute dresses again? Probably not. *sigh* I did catch a glimpse of my arse today when I was getting my oatmeal and I must say…my pants are kinda sad.

Where did my booty go?

I know I have a booty…where did it go? Oh…it’s hiding under a bunch of excess fabric. But I’m sorry…I just can’t do it!


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