AARP & dog sh*t

Can take the nurse out of the hospital but can’t take the hospital out of the nurse

This always happens when I visit home @ my request. It’s like a mini Dr’s appointment in my pajamas. Sucks that my step Dad has diabetes but now there are supplies to check blood sugar. I like playing with medical stuff. Mom has ALWAYS had a blood pressure machine in the house. Back in the days it was the same cuff as they have at the doctors office…Mommy has since upgraded. She still has a stethoscope though.

Good to see my week of badness didn’t throw off my readings. And as a note…when I say badness I mean eating a bad meal that sucks up all of my daily points and snacking on veggies all day. I don’t pay attention to my sodium intake and I don’t eat 4 to 5 small meals a day…almost everything originates outside of my kitchen. To me, that is bad. I don’t mean bad…like f*ck points and just go hog shit crazy for a week. It’s like crazy within my points restriction if that makes sense. It keeps damage to a minimum when I stop being retarded and get back on my shit. Its like my inner accountant still has control of the of the pedals and will slam on the brakes if necessary but my inner little fat kid has control of the wheel. Sadly that is progress…but I still have a way to go

This coming week is my last week of bootcamp! Well…bootcamp goes on but I just won’t be doing it anymore. I bought a Gr.oupon back in March for an outdoor bootcamp at 6am 3 days a week and I have kept it up ( with a small break in the summer) since then. I need to find a new way to get resistance training in once this stops. Running starts the next week and a new Gro.upon I bouught for indoor Muay Thai class will be used. I am a Tae-bo veteran (lol) and my bootcamp had elements of Muay Thai in it so I am sure this will be fun too

Mom’s 65th birthday was Friday so I came up here for the weekend. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) I love my Mom to pieces. She’s simply the best
Take photos…ask questions later

And….she’s done growing her hair out! (cheers!) She’s going to start trimming her hair…mid back is long enough (finally some sense in her old age) I kid..I kid!

As usual, a weekend in the burbs contains lots of naps, dogs and TV. Doesn’t create a lot to write about but its a nice way to catch up with family, clear your mind and catch up on some much needed sleep.


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