Totally Random Thursdays

like…oh my gawd!

Yeah…I like that! (take that! take that!)


– The audit at work is starting and after 3 audits I still let this crap stress me out. I am not a fan of delegating but I am forcing myself to do so this year. I only know if its right if I do it and I can’t properly review something without basically re-doing it so..why not just do it myself? Ehhh…that’s a recipe for an ulcer and gray hair.

– I go to the gym on my lunch break 3 days a week (if I am good) I missed Monday because of dramatics at work but I REFUSED today…like absolutely…heckie naw! Around my gym time I felt like I NEEDED the gym. Say what? I excuse me? yes yes…that’s what I said. I was getting too flustered and stressed I needed a release. (who is this person?)

– I lost 4.4ish pounds this week so I am down 61+ pounds 🙂

– My Mom’s birthday is Friday. Can’t wait to go spend the weekend with my Mom. 🙂 She is so dang fly!

– I really REALLY need to stop watching so much dang TV. Maybe I can blame that on my disappearance from blogging??? I didn’t have cable in my old apartment but when I moved I decided to give it a try. Not only do I watch too much damn reality tv (Damn you Br.avo!) but that damn bill was over $170 this month. SHIIIIIDDDDD! It didn’t break me but…damn! I could so be spending that money on something that won’t rot my damn brain. Triple play my ass…

– I don’t have another race until late October. I am hoping a few weeks of that running class will make a difference. And I just realized it will be dark when class takes place. Word? I just got soooo used to summer I didn’t even factor that in! Me no likey Central Park in the dark.

– I am silently protesting Fall by continuing to wear my sandals. Clearly the only person I am hurting is myself, but I don’t care! I hate shoes! I hate socks! My shoes are the first thing I take off when I get home and the absolute last thing I put on when I’m leaving. Part of it probably has to do with Gawd knows what nasty arse stuff I can track in from walking around NYC but…yeah…no shoes

– I am not at all a girlie girl, but I think the purse I bought in Florence this summer was one of my better wardrobe investments



4 thoughts on “Totally Random Thursdays

  1. Shavonne says:

    Since you hate shoes, have you heard of Vibram five fingers?

    If you are familiar with toe socks, five fingers are the shoe version. I know a lot of people who go barefoot who wear these. I tried on a pair but my toes are so short and stubby it took forever to get them on. But once they were on, I dug them.

    • Clu says:

      Lol…I have had two pair of them 🙂 I will probably buy another pair when I “have” to wear real shoes.

      I wore another barefoot shoe for a few years (Vivo Barefoot) but I like the crazy looks I get with the fivefingers 🙂


  2. chanecia17 says:

    Congrats on your ongoing weight loss. I need to keep people like you around me, even if it is virtual, because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do with my life. I’ve lost 43lbs before, and I know I can do it again, and more!

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