Hectic Saturday!

Don’t worry…I won’t be blogging everyday. I think I might do Stream of Consciousness Sunday and Wordless Wednesday and then whenever something fun happens…yeah…that sounds good.

So the race is done….and I was DEAD last for my age group (25 – 29) LAST I TELL YOU! But why focus on the negative when I can focus on the fact that my pace with this mile was OVER 2 minutes faster than it was last week. I loved running in the NYC streets and everyone (once again) was extra supportive. Every time I heard someone cheering for me it actually did make me go a little faster. (How did I know they were cheering for me you ask? Cause I was all by my damn self! lol)

I think the crazy improvement in my pace has alot to do with the distance (obviously), terrain (hilly-ish vs. flat) and just the mental difference between running 1 mile vs 4. Like as soon as I started to feel like I couldn’t go on any longer I noticed I was halfway done…can’t really be lame when you’re halfway done and you haven’t even been running for 10 minutes. Cool beans! So I finished and I was exhausted! Like I stood off to the side by the water unable to even fathom drinking any water for at least 2 or 3 minutes…yup…couldn’t have kept up that pace for 4 miles. I just had to catch my dang breath! I am so ready for the running class to start so I can hopefully get a grip on my breathing & start to improve

So after the run, I stayed around and watched two other heats…can I tell you, I was so freakin confused when 4 minutes into the men’s 15-29 heat people started cheering. What what what? Someone is already damn near done?!? I will never understand…I stayed around and cheered for the people who came in later. Chubby solidarity people!

I was already sort of downtown, so I headed to a Weight Watchers meeting. I love my leader and I know she has meetings on Saturday so I decided to check one out for once. And for some sick reason I decided that since I was so close to my gym and I was already sweaty I might as well go to the gym…




WTF? Really? Sometimes I don’t understand myself! I was late for bootcamp this morning…but I still did that for 30 minutes, I ran a mile (damn near died) and then…THEN I decide…”Oh, why not go and bust out 30 minutes of cardio”


I am so odd…I was sooo exhausted when I got home but I have since recovered…so much so that in my post race euphoria I signed up for a 5 mile race in late October #face Word? Really? *sigh*

I need to hide my credit cards from myself after races…

UPDATE: In case you want to see pictures of me dying running you can go here


One thought on “Hectic Saturday!

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