and we’re eating…Empanadas!

oh! I might do posts of my food! I love my food!

Let me start by saying that I did not lose 57-ish 60-ish pounds on Weight Watchers so far by eating pre-packaged frozen stuff. I have begun a love affair with my kitchen! I cook for the week on Sunday and I am fine until Friday. Recently I have been cooking HUGE portions and freezing them. I always heard about people doing this but I just couldn’t imagine the food tasting as good anymore. Well…I made this YUMMY Chicken Taco Chili and I froze the leftovers. I am now a believer! (it also helps that my Dad gave me his old food vacuum sealer thingamabob) I have like 5 servings of that chili and 5 servings of a bolognese sauce just waiting for me in the freezer.

I picked my menu for this week and I decided to cook some of the food tonight because…well…I was hungry!

Baked Empanadas, Black Beans & Brown Rice

I LOVE street food and empanadas are no exception. I was skeptical when I saw a recipe for baked empanadas but I was thoroughly impressed! The filling was delicious and the beans and rice were the perfect accompaniment to make this into a full meal *swoon* I had enough filling leftover to make 10 more empanadas so I whipped out my food save vacuum thing and then put the meat in the fridge.

I never knew how to end these dang things so…yeah #awkward


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