Hello world…again!

Wait…who are you again?

YES! It’s me! I know I let my hair blog die a slow and painful death but…the initial excitement has left (5 years later…yeah I know) and I have nothing profound to say.

“It grows and it gorgeous…here’s a picture…isn’t it pretty? Thanks”

That gets boring after a while…

I also noticed that when I talked about ANYTHING not hair related I got *crickets*…whoa…damn homie! If it’s not my hair you aren’t interested?

Cool beans! I just start over somewhere else and see what happens




3 thoughts on “Hello world…again!

  1. Clu, I can’t add your blog to my reader..Do you have an RSS feed?

  2. Don’t worry about it, I found a way to add you on. Welcome back! LOL!! Come by my blog if you haven’t already!

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