Catching up…

So…let’s play blogger catch-up for anyone who may have read my old blog…

– Still in NYC…still an accountant (gag)

– Mr. Nicolay Phonte is a naughty little 5 year old dog. I love him just as much as when I got him years ago. He’s my fave!

– Still with “the boy” going on 2.5 years. Sometimes I can’t remember what I did before him and other times he makes me want to say fcuk the world, buy 20 cats and call it a damn day. lol. Those days are VERY rare

– My Mom still has Sisterlocks & yes…they’re still crazy longer than mine

– Speaking of my hair….ehh…another post. I don’t feel like looking for a pic

– After an exhausting trip to SC last November I came back with some resolve to take my health seriously and lose some damn weight…been pretty consistently working out since December and I’ve been on Weight Watchers since January. I have dropped 56 pounds so far and am in desperate need of new pants. I have pipe dreams of losing 100 more pounds so I am going to keep going.

– Yes…I love WW but I am tired as hell of seeing those dang commercials every 5 minutes

– I started running-ish. Lol. My 4th race ever is tomorrow…and its supposed to rain #face…saddness. My goal is to always just not be dead last in my age group. That’s it for now…at least until I drop some more weight…(see above…lose 100 more pounds…I’m a big b*tch running people!) I signed up for a running “class” (class?…whatever) that starts in 2 weeks 2 days a week so hopefully I will be able to run longer distances without stopping…shit…even if I don’t all that running is great cardio.

and just because I like photos oh so much…here is a picture of me running in last weeks race…notice my full and luxurious ponytail bouncing as I run like a gazelle… (if you can’t pick up on sarcasm…pretty sure you’re gonna hate me)


Is it over yet?
Is it over yet?



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