I’m here!

This will be brief and random…

I’ve lost 40 pounds!


I don’t know why 40 pounds makes me extra excited! I wasn’t impressed when it was 25 or 33…but somehow…for some reason…hitting this milestone makes me gitty!

How? I fell victim to the commercials and joined Weight Watchers in January. I also joined a gym after Thanksgiving that I have been using consistently…at least 3 times a week son! 3 TIMES A WEEK for like 5 months! Freakin Amazing!

I dunno…I share at my WW meetings. I tell my BF…I mention it on Twitter (where everyone ignores me thank you very much) and I am mute about the issue on FB. I just felt the need to share somewhere and then I realized…I HAVE A BLOG!

This is only the beginning…I have a pretty long way to go…but I am just enjoying this achievement

So there you go! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Changes…

  1. paula says:

    Congratulations and good luck for the rest of your weightloss journey. It takes a world of determination and focus.See, you're not being ignored! Congrats, sis!Paula.

  2. TruMiracle says:

    Congratulations Cluizel! You are so not being ignored. You are one of my hair idols :0) Keep up the great work determination and hard work ALWAYS pay off!

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