Wedding Hair

Not my wedding! Jeez! Pump your breaks people 🙂

I attended a wedding Sunday and I decided to break out my special occasion hair. I put my hair into a very loose ponytail and used every freakin soft spike I own. I forgot when I got the tip but putting my hair in a high ponytail really makes sleeping with rollers a thousand times easier. I didn't use a ponytail holder, I used a head wrap to make the ponytail. I should have taken a picture…but when I was done the any hair that wasn't falling out of the ponytail was covered by the wrap. The ponytail looked like a pretty cool waterfall actually…

Well…that's my special occasion hair. I didn't use any setting lotion and I'm just sleeping on it normally so I don't expect it to last long…but its pretty for now

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Hair

  1. NappTown says:

    Yes, very pretty!

  2. Amba says:

    OOOH very pretty. I haven't visited your blog for ages. OMG – your hair is really growing and looks lovely.

  3. TruMiracle says:

    Okay, I viewed this picture months ago now I am just taking the time to respond. Thanks for the hair update and your wedding hair looks great. Thanks for sharing.

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