Thankful: Day 24

You would not believe that after that last post whining about not sleeping and needing a good nights sleep that I stayed up until 2am. 2 frigin AM!

Yesterday…and into early this morning…I would say I was/am thankful for adrenaline. I have no other was to describe it! How did I stay up so damn late? I did take a VERY brief cat nap while some boring conversation took place in the afternoon…but that was while sitting straight up on a couch.

We were running all over SC and when we finally got home I decided I wanted to was, dry and bantu knot set my hair. WTF! So I was up watching TV with my niece and twisting my hair. (Right now as I type I am sitting under the dryer in my Dad's barber shop. This joint is crazy old but it still gets hot and that's all that matters.) I'll post pics of the set and how it turns out later.

So, aside from naps on the plane and couch, I was up for over 24 hours yesterday! Not sure how I did it, but I did and I'm thankful because I had a good time.

…But I woke up sleepy ::face::

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