Thankful: Day 12

Today I am thankful for face to face interaction. In this time of Fa.cebook, Tw.itter and the like, it very easy to substitute electronic interaction for real face to face time. Nothing replaces seeing someone and actually seeing their natural reactions.

Back in the early Internet days when AI.M was the ish I can't tell you how many silly arguments have started based on misinterpretations. Sarcasm does not always translate well.

Even though text messages are more acceptable I ALWAYS warn my gf's to back up when a guy starts to communicate with you solely via text message. Damn homie! You can't be bothered to pick up a phone. Unacceptable! But I digress…

I do feel more connected to people thanks to blogs, Fa.cebook and Tw.itter…there are lots of people who I probably wouldn't have reconnected with or met if it wasn't for social media. That's great…but that can never be a substitute for real interaction.

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