Thankful: Day 11

So I'll be thankful for 2 things today. First thing…I'm thankful for the sacrifice and selfless dedication of the veterans…and the day off from work.


Today I am also thankful for Gr.oupon! If you don't know what gr.oupon is I will need you to open a new brower or tab and holla at my good friend Mr. G.oogle and see if they're available in your area. I am sure I learned about this via a blog…I love the Internet. Gr.oupon is basically just what it sounds like…group coupons. There is a deal everyday (well in Manhattan there is one every day) that is usually 50ish% off and has a minimum number of buyers required in order to get the deal. The minimum number of buyers is never an issue in NYC…but sometimes that backfires…

Today I spent the day out of the house and used very little of my own money. I bought 2 gr.oupons almost a year ago for a mani-pedi at a cute little spa in Chelsea. Sucky thing was 2000 other people also bought one so it was damn near impossible to get an appointment earlier this year. Not the case now! 🙂 My Bff and I used the gr.oupons today. Random: I hardly ever wear polish so I am still confused when I see my toes. Lol. I also NEVER put polish on my short natural nails. I just think it looks silly so I never do it.

I also had a Body S.hop gr.oupon so I had loads of fun with that. Can never have too much moisturizer! Especially when I only paid $20 for a $40 gr.oupon last month and they had a crazy sale.

Its weird…its not like I got anything for free since I prepaid for it months ago but that money has been long and gone so its like it doesn't even factor in the equation. Today I handed people a piece of paper and I got products and services.

Thankful for a much needed day off (#1) and a day of fun that didn't cost any money at the time (#2)

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One thought on “Thankful: Day 11

  1. Leah says:

    Hi Clu, I'm glad you're back. You make NY sound like a fun place to be. Any updates on SS?

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