Thankful: Day 7

After a weekend with the family today I am truly thankful for my own apartment. 🙂 (love you guys!)

Say what you will about me but I need "me time" to survive. Seriously. I have no idea what I am going to do when I get married and/or have kids but a Clu without her zone out time is NOT a Clu you wanna be around.

I remember when I transitioned from living in a dorm surrounded by friends to having my own place…alone…it was a rough adjustment. Where do I go if I want to chat at 2am? You mean I can't just walk down the hall? Stop it! But now I crave it! I love it! I will say that I don't like to be completely alone…thank you Mr. Nicolay Phonte!

I couldn't imagine working the crazy way I have been the past few months and then having to come home and deal with a roommate…please! So, today I am thankful that I am able to maintain an apartment solo in NYC…my sanity depends on it

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