Thankful: Day 6

I almost didn’t make it!!! I am going to finish this challenge dammit!

Today I am extra thankful that my Mom doesn’t just throw my stuff away. You know…some parents go on a cleaning rampage when the child leaves the nest and accidentally throws away a prized possession? Must suck…luckily I haven’t experienced it.

Some stuff…like my Regents Chemistry review book…I wouldn’t miss. She could throw that away and I wouldn’t have a fit…but photos…old shirts…no touchy! I can’t tell you how excited I was to find my elementary school graduation shirt one trip home during college. AND THAT JOINT STILL FIT! (at the time)

Today I found some of my old photo albums! I got to relive my high school prom, senior trip, last day of high school and I even found some notes that my BFF at the time and I used to pass back and forth in AP English. It is so funny reading your 17 year old self.

I am thankful…it was a nice break from my now grown up life to remember the simpler times.

And a treat for my readers (if there are any of them out there)…I found this while I was going through my albums


One thought on “Thankful: Day 6

  1. *Coop* says:

    Haha! Wooooooow!My mom saves more stuff than I want her to. I'm glad she does.Funny thing is I still workout in my middle school PE shirt (it was too big when I purchased it). lol

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