Thankful: Day 3

Wow…I'm on a roll. I'd like to thank my BB for keeping me on track.

So after another two late nights at the office I decided that I HAD to take Nicolay to SS's house. I keep forgetting to leave a light on for him and I feel extra guilty being away for so long.

I decided last night when I got home and saw my sad dog (and that the boiler was acting up and I wouldn't have any heat or hot water…ass) that I would wake up early, take Nicolay to SS's, take a respectable warm shower at her house, breakfast and then head into work late. I'm typing this while on the subway back to Manhattan so my mission was accomplished.

What I am thankful for however are my fellow New Yorkers. I know we get a bad rap for being rude, but I had a great morning. When I'm commuting by myself…nothing special…but when Nicolay's head is popping out of my shoulder bag the world is filled with friendly faces, smiles and conversation. Sometimes that shit gets tired…but this morning I embraced it and welcomed the positive energy.

Now…those retards who don't like dogs on the subway…fuck them, I'm not talking about them…everybody else. I'm thankful for this morning and the friendly people I interacted with.

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