Thankful: Day 1

Wow…I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I have blogged. Well I am back! (hopefully) because of a challenge. What better way to make my re-intro to the blogging word by doing something positive?

So…today I am especially thankful for my Mother. I am in the middle of our annual audit and I have been working at LEAST 12 hour days since early September. I’ve been tired as hell but I’ve noticed poor Nicolay has been getting sadder and sadder. And before you say “dogs don’t get sad” you must not have been around a dog who is stuck in an apartment alone for hours upon hours on end for almost 2 months. So I called my Mom this morning to see if she would be up for keeping him for a few days so he can have some more human and dog interaction. Of course she said yes! She would do anything for her first grand-dog and her fabulous daughter!

I’ll still be working like a slave for a while but at least I know my “child” is being taken care of.


One thought on “Thankful: Day 1

  1. I thought I thought I was seeing things when I seen an upfate on my blog list next to your name. Glad to see you back in blog world, I think my blog/name has changed twice since you've been gone and I had another baby, just recently cut my locks off! I will spare the details. Just glad to see one of my original blogging buddies back.

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