So…I don’t know if anyone noticed but I deleted this blog for about a month.Not 100% sure why…but I did. Luckily Blogger lets you “undelete” a blog so thankfully i can change my mind…

All this Blogger comment spam was killing my inbox though…gibberish? really? stop it

So where have I been? Lists are effective so I will just start with that

*new job (surprise surprise) I stopped consulting. I don’t even know if I can call it consulting because I only worked at one client for over a year. In that year I managed to become necessary so I came on full time. I “manage” the department and I report directly to the Controller…which sounds like a big deal but in a department that is so small its a nice intro to supervising. Sucks that everyone I manage is WAY older than me…but I haven’t had any crazy problems yet. I actually don’t mind going to work in the morning and that’s about the most I aim for with a job

*Nicolay seems to form bladder stones. He just had surgery AGAIN to remove stones in his bladder. I feel so bad for my little baby! He is so pitiful right now…and I am soooo annoyed. He is still peeing blood but it is clearing up…and either that little fcuker is too lazy or his man area is really in pain because he won’t poo all the way (tmi) he tries to poo but won’t squat to make it fall off his butt so I have been mopping up little bloody urine puddles and cleaning doggy ass since Monday.

*I ALMOST joined a BGLO. I’m of course not going into detail or saying which one but I was an active interest for over 2 years, invited, started a “process” and then just changed my mind. Ehh…and that is all I will say about that.

*Mom & I still have our locks…hers annoy the hell out of me because they are SOOOOO long! My bf teases me that her hair is better than mine (growl) but I love it anyway. I still don’t do it myself and I probably never will.

*Oh…I said “bf” so I need to address that. I dunno why I am so wary of talking about my relationship over the Internet but…I dunno. In the past I would talk to my gfs about almost everything that goes on in past relationships and the shit just created too much extra crap. So I have kept pics of him off of Fcaebook and I avoid those mushy ass status updates and linking to him as my “In a Relationship” person…I dunno…I don’t think its info for my 300+ closest friends.

(notice how I said I would chat about him but I still didn’t say anything? lol. I’ll need time to decide how I want to address this. lol. I will say that it has been a little less than a year and his name is the male version of mine…Like if my name was Victoria his name would be Victor or…yeah can’t think of another possibility right now besides our names…just know its nauseatingly cute and everyone points it out. lol)

*I did decide that if I commit to blogging again a few things will change…
-This will shift to being more about myself with hair highlights when necessary…not the other way around. Quite honestly I am over my hair and it really does nothing other than grow so there isn’t much left to talk about…
-I am not going to kill myself over being grammatically correct and I will spell check if I want to
-Understand I am not always the best writer but know that there is a good story in here somewhere…

…yeah…that’s it. I missed the start of NaBloPoMo but I may just post everyday to catch things back up. I haven’t had a real post in months so I figure its the right thing to do…


7 thoughts on “

  1. Yes you missed Philly my dear! I did too. I am glad you are back. Yes!Can't wait to her about SS and bf and the new gig! Things seem to be on the up and up! Yay!

  2. Well I missed you! Let me just say that the whole piece on your bf was hilarious to read! lol

  3. Adei von K says:

    it is the right thing to do!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! FINALLY!!!so there's a BF… and a little less than a year?!??! you do a good job keeping him under wraps!!Christopher, ChristinaEdward, EdwinaAntwone, AntoinetteAndre, AndreaLOLOLOL I used to want to name my children matching names!! LOLPoor Nicolay 😦

  4. sunsail says:

    Well, at least I can stalk you on FB 🙂

  5. Charizma00 says:

    Glad your back, I've missed your blog, your hilarious and you mind me of one of my closest friends

  6. Charizma00 says:

    Glad your back, I've missed your blog, your hilarious and you mind me of one of my closest friends

  7. blackrussian says:

    Hey Clu,I am totally feeling your sentiments on the BF.I blogged about the start of my latest relationship because I had just recently publicly lamented my single status and I was excited to have met someone new.I thought it was only fair after that to update everyone that we were still together and still in love a few months later…And I just now told everyone that we got married, but before that I for sure kept all my stuff off FB and my blog.I went straight from single to married w/o noting that I was in a relationship or engaged b/c I just didn't think it was anybody's business and I don't presume that everyone cares.Those to whom I thought it would matter, I told personally.I didn't expect to have drama, but I also didn't want my nearly 600 'friends' to know every change that might occur.We're together. No we're not…Thankfully that never happened. Everything was solid and stable and drama-free.I just think the day-to-day details of our lives should stay private, though… both from the standpoint of 'who cares' and from the perspective of not wanting to put our business in the public domain.

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