Hmmm…pondering dying hair…advice blogland please

(sorry I have been away for a while)

professional? at home? which would you recommend…

if at home? what dye did you use

real post coming…promise!


8 thoughts on “Dye?

  1. For a subtle look, try an all natural dye at home. I like Naturtint.For a more dramatic look, go to a stylist! There are just too many horror stories out there to bleach locks at home. Do it! I already can’t wait to see pics.

  2. I’m not saying anything until I see a real post.*folds arms and pouts*

  3. Meikmeika says:

    I say go to a professional.. Can’t wait to see the pics though.

  4. sunsail says:

    Pro aaaall the way, baby. You need a pro to lift the color properly and deposit the new color (it’s a one-step orcess, but all the same…) that ish at the drugstore probably won’t work for you, anyway. You may be able to get away with touch ups yourself, tho.

  5. So brave! Nihuru uses a homemade kool-aid remedy but she’s a licensed cosmetologist so I would go to a professional that specializes in coloring natural hair.

  6. Quietspirit says:

    Go with a pro who knows how to color locks unless you are going darker or using temporary color.

  7. Nihuru says:

    Nihuru, the color monster, ringing in……I say color at home. You don’t have to bleach to get the desire lift. I never recommend bleaching at home if you aren’t licensed. Most people incorrectly believe that you have to bleach to get light colored hair. Check out my daughters hair on my blog…no bleach was used to get that high lift-nor did I use bleach on mine.I say mix 2 colors that you like and watch the results. If you want step by step instructions…..shoot me an email. I’ll be glad to help and save you a ton of money …you have major hair and the shop will charge you major bucks. Depending on the cost of “professional” color (which you can purchase at most beauty supply stores without a license) you could do you own hair for about $20.00 max. Make sure you post pictures regardless of the decision that you make.Good Luck!

  8. Tafari says:

    Go to a pro mos def. Home kits will leave you hit!Tafari

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