a dog may be too cute if…


So I was taking Nicolay for a walk yesterday…wait I have to give more details…so when I took Nicolay to the vet a few weeks ago I found out he weighs 5.8 pounds which is about a pound too heavy…so I need to walk him more. So now we go for walks in the morning and evening. (poor dog)


Yesterday Nicolay and I were walking and I noticed two men around my age walking towards me. As I got closer I noticed one of the men looked like he had dirty hair (ewww). They looked down saw Nicolay and then the gushing began…

The gushing? yeah…that’s normal…whatever. But as the guy was petting my dog I took the opportunity to examine…

…ewww…really dirty hair…wait…what is that in his hand? rolling paper? wait…what is that in the paper…

yes…this man was so taken by my little dog he stopped rolling whatever it was he had in his hand to play with my dog…

Maybe slightly overweight Yorkies can battle the war on drugs?

sigh…too many things wrong with that situation. lol.


3 thoughts on “a dog may be too cute if…

  1. LOL – funny…but, don’t you live in NY? I thought that kinda of stuff always happened over there. No?

  2. dewdrop says:

    That is a lot of growth and it looks great!

  3. Meikmeika says:

    LOL!!! He is a cutie!!

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