I’ve Been Tagged!!!Here are the rules:

1) Link to the person that tagged you: Meikmeika
2) Post the rules on the blog
3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

Yeah for being tagged! Saves me 6 random posts 🙂

1* I was in the NY Times

I so wanted to blog about it but my real name (which most of my long time readers know anyway) was all over the article. What was hilarious was that I thought it was all b/s until I saw it in print. Remember that whole eye scraping deal I went though last year?…well a reporter from the NYT found my video of the surgery on youtube and emailed me. We talked on the phone once or twice and then I never thought about it again. That is until I got a text message one random Thursday morning from an old coworker saying she saw my name in the Times. Well surprise surprise. It was kinda cool. She used my story to begin the article. 🙂

2* I threw Nicolay a birthday party

Now I swear to you all I am NOT crazy! I have been to a birthday party for a dog earlier this summer…and now that I have FINALLY started to decorate and I have NEVER had a get together at my apartment before I used Nicolay’s birthday as an excuse to squeeze people into my tiny Manhattan apartment eat some Negro fixin’s, drink and be merry. Nicolay just bounced from person to person while we chatted, munched and sipped. I had so much fun at my dogs party I decided that for my next birthday I will have a party for myself. Lol. I never really celebrate my birthday…but since so many people came out for my dog…I guess planning a party for me shouldn’t be so hard. 🙂

3* It’s official…I like dogs more than babies

My friends always tease me about this but I always brush it off…but I inadvertently told on myself. Lol. One day after work my friend and I were walking through Central Park (we were actually going to go see HAIR for free in Central Park…A-MAZ-ING…) and we saw a couple and a little dog. So I stop to play with the dog…I am so in my own little world…the dog was really cute! My friend isn’t a huge dog person so she was talking to the couple…

Friend: So cute! How old is he?
Women in Couple: 3 and a half weeks
Clu: really? The dog…
Friend: No! The baby!

So I look up and I realize my friend is pointing to a baby stroller (when did that get there?) I peek inside…

Clu: So how old is the dog?

*Friend shoots me an evil look*

Clu: Oh yeah…cute baby.

Lol…damn shame

4* I painted 3 accent walls in my apartment since July

My apartment was pretty damn plain for the past year…but for some reason I got the decorating bug this summer. I guess this will be a separate post…but I have always liked to do things myself around the house. (My friend was literally speechless when I pulled out a full tool set and proceeded to get on the floor and tighten a nut on my fridge this weekend. Lol.) Long story short…I called a few painters and they were trying to charge $200 to paint a wall. Not a room…but a fuggin WALL!!! Once I got the supplies I just did it my damn self…and then 2 more times. Lol.

5* I still don’t have cable or a microwave

Not much to explain…don’t miss it…don’t really need it.

6* My driver’s license picture is over 10 years old

yes…I am still 16 in my mind. Lol. I will take a new pic in 2011 when I am up for renewal. I will have to try and take a pic of my ID…Clu with big ol glasses and roller wrap. Lol. I never get any crap when I show my ID…at least they can still tell its me. 🙂

ok…this is cool 🙂 I was actually tagged a second time (Hi!) so I will try not to disappear and do that soon.

Have a great week everyone!


2 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. I agree you do like dogs more than babies, lol. My DL is old too, but not that old. I want to update it just because I don’t wear weave anymoer, however I don’t think I could wait until 2011. Going without microwave I undrestand, but cable? How do you do it?

  2. Meikmeika says:

    Living without cable and a microwave is actually a good thing!!!Can’t wait to read the post regarding your accent walls….or your decorating bug…

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