Shine Stealer is an overachiever! Plain and simple…

I take the train to notquitesuburbsbutnoynyc to see the family. Nicolay and I walk up to my parents house..and to my surprise both of my parents are outside chillin. Upon closer inspection I notice the dogs are outside.

not dog..but dogS.



Supposedly Cooper was too lonely after Nicolay left so my parents thought he needed a friend…so now they have Jean Pierre! He is a poodle…(supposedly) but his hair isn’t curly. He rocks a blown out fro and loves feet (which grates my nerves). He is very kissy kissy which does NOT fly with me…I know he’s French and all but DAMN…no kisses!

Then I got to thinking…if I got another dog what would I name him? (yes…it would be a guy)

After giving my first dog such an original name I couldn’t very well name my next dog “Fido” and walk away with a clear conscience. So I decided that if I were to get another dog…it was be a brown-ish or black poodle and his name would be…

Lucien Shaheed…

I mean…he would be french afterall and “Luck of Lucien” is on of my favorite ATCQ songs…SS makes a face everytime I say “Lucien Shaheed”…like the name REALLY hurts her feelings. lol. I like it!

Too bad Nicolay would probably fight any dog that tried to roll up in HIS apartment. “Lucien Shaheed” will remain a dream…


4 thoughts on “Overachiever!

  1. Lucien? Really? Hilarious…

  2. sunsail says:

    Poodle? Hmmm. Let’s give Jean Pierre a good brushin’ and let me be the judge of that!! lol!!

  3. Adei von K says:

    lucien lucien lucien lucien, you.should.know!

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