Shine Stealer Spotlight (sorta)

I finally remembered to take pics when I visited SS recently. She is coming up on 2 years sisterlocked and her hair is growing a little too fast for my taste 🙂

Mom is so good…she just expects for my to take pictures of her hair when I see her and she she just continues whatever it is she is doing and lets me snap away. I suppose after two years she should be used to it. 🙂

However during this trip she decided to take pics of my hair. Who am I to say no?

She commented that she like the length and fullness that my hair is at right now and she thought I should share. I told her that the readers of my blog have already seen my hair recently…but whatever. I don’t miss a photo op!

Mom decided that she is going to grow out her layers and then cut her hair so all of it will be the same length. She likes her hair the length it is so she says this is long enough for her and she will be cutting it sometime next year. Boo to her.

Me? I have no desire to cut my hair anytime soon. Like absolutely none…

Today Mom asked me if I still like my hair and of course I said yes. I then asked her the same question and she said that she wouldn’t wear her hair any other way now. (awwww…2 points for Clu for introducing SS to Sisterlocks)

…what? you see 3 dogs in the photo? Another interloper?!?…stay tuned! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Shine Stealer Spotlight (sorta)

  1. So yea, for real – those are comign along beautifully!

  2. So yea, for real – those are comign along beautifully!

  3. Wow it’s been two years already? Your mom’s locks look great and so do yours! Trust we won’t get tired of look at your pics, lol. Take Care.Who’s is the mystery dog?

  4. Maryee says:

    Simply lovely!!!!! Looking good Clu and Mom!!!

  5. ayankha says:

    You both look gorgeous!

  6. Adei von K says:

    i was wondering that REAAAAAAAL HARD!!! “Who is that other dog!!??!”get it clu, i wish you got to me before the mizani did!

  7. muslimahlocs says:

    the pictures of your mom are great. her hair is gorgeous! where are you?

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