We ain’t neva gon be free!

Scene: Clu sitting in McDonalds drinking a sweet tea reading a paper (basically minding my own business) A group of about 6 walk in…order and sit down two tables behind me. AM nosey enough to figure out it is a Mother with her 5 kids.

Mom: Vodka! How much was the order?

**ok…now at this point I am not sure I heard correctly so I now stop minding my business and begin minding theirs**

Mom: Vodka! I am not playing…I want my change…

**ok…now I KNOW that she just said “Vodka” twice…but since no one has responded I am TRYING to keep hope alive and believe she did NOT name her daughter “Vodka”**

Vodka: Mom there wasn’t any change
Mom: Vodka don’t you play with me…

I don’t care…I am naming my daughter “Hennessy” and my son “Olde E” and there isn’t a damn thing ya’ll can do to stop me!!!


3 thoughts on “We ain’t neva gon be free!

  1. ayankha says:

    I actually went to school with a guy named Martell…not as bad as vodka, though.

  2. Adei von K says:

    …i don’t even have anything to say about that.vodka?i’ve heard tequilla and margaritabut vodka?

  3. blackrussian says:

    Funny and sad at the VERY same time.

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