Gay dogs?

Erra umm…yeah. I guess I never notice it…but people have some issues and when their guard is down…you can catch it.

I have started to take Nicolay for walks twice a day now…great because I get exercise and get to smell some fresh air (if there is fresh air in Manhattan) and Nicolay sleeps most of the day while I am at work because his lasy arse is tuckered out after a 2 mile walk.

My favorite street to walk on, by far, is longstreetbythewater which is only a black and half from my apartment. Its cool because I get to see water (I know its brown…but I will take what i can get) and Nicolay gets to interact with a lot of dogs.

So my little 4lb terror gets CRAZY excited when he sees another dog. If the owner is ok with it, Nicolay and the other dog start their little game of sniffing around each other. *sniff sniff*…on to the next dog…but one day in particular something bothered me…

(Clu & Nicolay are walking down longstreetbywater…Nicolay sees a poodle and proceeds to drag (not really) to the poodle…owner if friendly so dogs play)

Poodle Parent: Morning
Clu: Morning

(dogs sniffing…PP has worried look on face and tightens grip on leash)

PP: Is your dog a boy?
Clu: Oh…yes he is
PP: Oh (smiles…loosens grip on leash) mine is a girl

And then it clicked…this person would have moved her dog along if Nicolay was a girl.


Ok…one silly person…this isn’t the first time this has happened but whatever…but this day in particular…this same scenario happened THREE MORE TIMES!!!

Homophobic much?!? Can dogs even be gay?!? Like seriously…dog owners…are you disgusted when you realize that you precious little princess is chasing around another b*tch to sniff her butt?

seriously…gtfooh…ITS.A.FCUKIN.DOG!!! I am going to need you to calm the hell down hmm k?

that is all…


5 thoughts on “Gay dogs?

  1. sunsail says:

    Wel,, I’m convinced Lula is a lesbian. She will hump the Sh*t out of our neighbors dog, and frequently engage in all variations of 69.Then someone told me it’s a dominance thing. Oh.

  2. ayankha says:

    Yes dogs can definitely be gay! I grew up with several dogs of both sexes and every once in a while I would see 2 males (or 2 females rarely)going for it. My dog is not spayed and is kinda scared of other dogs, so she is a “self-sexual”… except for the times she goes off on me when I kiss or hug my guy,

  3. Bygbaby says:

    Hell yeah they can be gay, didn’t you see “Legally Blonde 2”???Bygbaby

  4. Kandgoods says:

    The reason why they ask…or the reason why they should be asking is because females can be a tad territorial when facing other bitches, same with males i.e they fight!! Nothing to do with gayness lol. haha

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