Closeted Pop Junkie…

Am I seriously the only person that remembers this group/song? I know I wasn’t the only person who watched the MMC!!! Don’t leave me hanging! Come on Gen Y!!! lol

Please don’t let the locks fool you…I can’t deny my love for happy feel good music. I was and will always be a stan for *NSYNC.

Yeah I said it! Do something!!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Closeted Pop Junkie…

  1. Meikmeika says:

    You are not alone… I actually went to a MMC show and somewhere they have my chubby face attempting to dance in the audience…LOL!! I remember when they announced this group was coming out…Funny story…do you remember Dale from MMC? I had the biggest crush on him! Lando is from NYC, it turns out his sister’s friend knows Dale really well..they’re both actors… He also has locks now. It’s such a small world. I saw him in person and he’s still cute as ever…Again…you’re not alone!

  2. Yup – I think you’re alone. I have noooo idea what this is.

  3. sunsail says:

    Homie, you know I’m from the third world, so there’s a lot I wasn’t exposed to, including these songs… but the United Colors of Benetton-multi-ethic group- ( just strikes me as trying a little to hard. I guess I shouldn’t complain–nowadays, fols aren’t trying at all.

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