I have come to an important conclusion…

I have enough hair for two people!


My hair isn’t even long yet…but washing my hair is exhausting!!! I know…I am a whiner…especially when ALL I have to do is wash my hair. It shouldn’t be a big deal right?


ok…I am being dramatic again…its not that bad. I will say that I can sooo notice a difference in my shampoo time. I love the new length but I still long for the days when I could wash my hair in 5 minutes…sigh…those were the days.

Nothing really new on the hair front. I am experimenting with shampoos and conditioners…but in between shampoos I still don’t put anything on my hair. I just kinda shake my head really REALLY hard in the morning and walk out the door. 🙂

No regrets, no issues…just longer shampoo/drying times 🙂


4 thoughts on “I have come to an important conclusion…

  1. I’m sooo glad all I have is a wash and wear – no long and exhausting shampoos. One of my closest friends has locs and she’s always talking about how long it takes. Good for you guys, but ya boy couldn’t do it.They look good on you though – u know that!

  2. Meikmeika says:

    I feel you….but the growth is worth it!Any shampoos you really like or recommendations for us??

  3. Girl you are so funny, lol. Your locks look great! Take care

  4. Meikmeika says:

    Tag you’re it!! The rules are on my blog…

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