No excuses…

I am going to do a better job at the blogging thing! Can I tell you how many times I have been out with my friends (none of whom have a blog) and someone says…”Damn…that is so blogworthy

hmm…so I suppose I should be writing about it huh? 🙂

Lots of things have changed since the last time I was actively posting so a summary post should be best to reintroduce my lazy ass back to regular blogging…

*I mentioned that I left my job at bignycutilityco in May. I am now a consultant…which makes the most logical sense since I get bored VERY easily and I will be constantly on the move. The program I am in is really a blend of a salaried position with a consultants lifestyle. I am a full time employee of my company and they send me on engagements with their clients. Love it so far…I get to pop in do my job and bounce without a care in the world…as long as I bill at least 37.5 hours a week 🙂 I have only had to go to home office (the people who sign my paycheck) 2 times since May and I don’t have to stress myself out with the office politics because I’ll be out! 🙂 I know I can’t do this for forever since I eventually want to crush dreams and make people cry from my flyass corner office (I kid I kid!) but this is cool…

*This job was actually the last shot for accounting before I went to grad school to get something else. I think I am almost 100% sure I will be staying in my field and getting my MBA. Accounting isn’t exactly diving with the sharks but it interests me…the politics of corporate america is what was killing it for me…so I am glad I know now and I can take this time to work on my soft skills…

*I finally decorated my apartment! Ever since I turned 18 I have had to pack up my life at least once a year and move at least 7 hours away. So I guess I still had the mindset that as soon as I would get comfortable I would have to move again. But now that I have a rent stabilized apartment near 5 subway lines I am not going anywhere for a while… (*knock on wood*)

*One of my closest friends from college moved to NYC in June so it has been GREAT having her here to drag me out of the house when I am being lame.

*I mentor a 13 year old girl now. We have to hang out at least 6-8 hours a month…but it isn’t a big deal because we actually like each other. lol. There wasn’t this long uncomfortable getting to know you phase.

*Nicolay is almost 2! I love having a pet and I am so happy that I haven’t stepped on him yet

umm…ok…that is enough for now. I think this whole new consulting “thing” has cut into my blog writing/reading time. I feel guilty knowing the client is being billed so I can tell you about my new favorite cheese. The job threw me off for a minute but I will do better!

Welcome me back! 🙂


5 thoughts on “No excuses…

  1. muslimahlocs says:

    yeah right! what @ shine stealer?

  2. Bygbaby says:

    Oh, a new favorite cheese, do tell. I recently tried sage derby & it was great.Suite Suzy & my cousin always ask me if I am going to blog about different stuff that jumps off. It is so funny!!!OK, don't tease us & walk the fuck away again!!!Bygbaby

  3. Cluizel says:

    I am going to better you guys! lol. As long as I sit down once a week and schedule my posts I should be good. 🙂

  4. I’m soooo late – but um, welcome back. LOL – your posting has got to get better…mkay? I don’t wanna have to put u on probation – lol.

  5. Adei von K says:

    aww, i’m glad you’re doing something you really like! life is such a drag when you’re stuck with a wack job 😦

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