Randomess by Clu

Guys I that I like have to be able to keep up with the oddness/randomness that is Clu

(actual conversation)

Clu: hot sauce

Guy: chicken nuggets

Clu: shrimp cocktail

Guy: Empanadas

Clu: liver & onions

Guy: Chicken & Kool-aid

Clu: hot dogs & a John Coltrane 8-track…on a Thursday

Guy: Ribs and the Boys in the Hood Soundtrack, at dusk on a Saturday

Clu: Chitterlings & Phantom of the Opera on a silk blanket in the Sahara

Guy: Quiche and season 5 of Lost at the Waldorf Astoria

Clu: hot wings & thousand island dressing on a jungle gym with the Brady Bunch

Guy: You got it



3 thoughts on “Randomess by Clu

  1. Sooo…did he pass the test?And I must have thought you up because I came to your page yesterday and was wondering why you hadn’t posted. Um, be gone that long again, hear! ::giving you the side eye::

  2. Adei von K says:

    shut.the.fcuk.UP!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh, he is too cool! don’t even know him and he’s cool with me!

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