Home for Mother’s Day


13 thoughts on “Home for Mother’s Day

  1. NappTown says:

    Beautiful! Her hair has gotten really long.

  2. The Pew View says:

    Ohhh wee, now that’s pretty. Course, I can’t wear that. I sticks to my wigs and my glitter head wraps. Child, I ain’t got time for all that upkeeping.With Love,Mrs. Mabel

  3. QueenLi says:

    Your Mom’s hair looks nice, Very Nice! 🙂 Didn’t see my mom on mother’s day, oh well, I just dropped a gift of back home.Until AUG. {updates} Take Care!~

  4. still waters says:

    I am speechless your mums hair looks fab!!!one love still

  5. Meikmeika says:

    I just love your mom’s hair!!!

  6. ayankha says:

    She looks great!

  7. a beautiful queen u have there princess

  8. sunsail says:

    OOOOh, the SS is back at it… she’s looking great!

  9. James Tubman says:

    it’s good that the older genrations are starting to embrace the beauty of being nappy too you don’t have to be blond to be happy

  10. CarmenNC says:

    Get it Ma. You should check out my post about my mother’s day adventure.

  11. Aqueelah says:

    Love you and your mom’s hair. Just beautiful. I’m feeling the same way about turning 26 in August. I’m like WTF???!!! I’ll be what? I really don’t even remember 22-25. I really don’t.Anywho…congrats on the upcoming Anniversary. Wishing you many more.Be Blessed

  12. Amina says:

    Wooowee! So pretty! I finally see someone else that has curlie-q’s like me! All I can say is…..wow!

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