Weight off of my shoulders

soo…I submitted my two week’s notice this morning. 🙂

I feel so relaxed now…

My new position will officially be known as “the last shot accounting gets” If this doesn’t work…its off to grad school for something different.

the end

17 thoughts on “Weight off of my shoulders

  1. Erica C. says:

    Good luck! I submitted mine last Tuesday. I’m looking forward to entering this new job. Good luck and God bless!

  2. that’s what’s up!! i am so proud that you are doing your own thing not being crunched into something you’re “supposed” to do! it must have taken a lot of nerve to put in your two weeks! we’re young, we can do that! get it girl!

  3. muslimahlocs says:

    congratulations and all the best. go to grad school regardless. althoug a phD mught be a lethal weapon in your hands (lol).

  4. Congrats babes…I understand that whole “last shot” comment too. I feel the same way about payroll management.

  5. Lakia says:

    keep us posted! Did you throw the letter in their faces, and added one of those fake lines like “let me know how I can assist you in this new transition”. I love using that one, and then using vacation and all my sick leave up. LOL!

  6. NappTown says:

    Good for you. Ain’t nothing like peace of mind. Good luck on the new position. And I agree with muslimahlocs grad school is not a bad idea.

  7. Cluizel says:

    Thanks everyoneMuslimahlocs & napptown – not going to grad school isn’t an option lol…I just am not going to go back until I am sure I want to commit to Finance…or something else.

  8. way to go im leaving academia to do my pert store, no progress with out risk

  9. *Coop* says:

    Congrats and best wishes in grad school! Treat yourself to a big celebration. 🙂

  10. James Tubman says:

    best iof luck to you homie it’s great to have so many options

  11. Bygbaby says:

    Make it happen boo!!! Virtual Negro fixins to you!!!Bygbaby

  12. SistaLocd says:

    Glad you decided to follow your heart.

  13. brran1 says:

    What up Clu!Congrats on decision and good luck with Grad School.

  14. The Pew View says:

    OH wow baby, I’m so happy for you. You know what though? You’se youngins shole don’t stay around places much these days. Course, I can understand and all. After three husbands (or was it four), hell, I can’t remember – but my point is after too much foolishness, it’s time to move on. I’ll be praying for you down here in Jackson!With Love, Mrs. Mabel

  15. still waters says:

    Congrats !!! there is something about the peace you get when you do hand in tht letter. I recently did the same thing so I get it. Here is to finding your peace & joy !!!!one love still

  16. CarmenNC says:

    I remember putting in my two weeks notice on a Friday. I didn’t even work the whole time either. They paid me for the two weeks, my vacation and personal time and I left that Monday or Tuesday. I felt like singing ‘Can You Feel a Brand New Day’ if that’s the title from The Wiz.

  17. cheleski68 says:

    gasp, you go girl..that’s how i’m feeling about pharmaceutical sales, off to get a resume revamp…already did grad school..now it’s about the kiddies until they’re outta here….so off to create a new me. bc the definition of insanity is doing things the same way expecting a different result, and i’m not crazy(no mo’)

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