Movie time!

So now that the “I hate my job! No…seriously…I HATE it!” drama has subsided I can finally talk about something else. 🙂

I was talking to a friend last night…I don’t know how I forgot to mention that…

Clu: I am going to go see Mos Def!!!
Friend: in that movie with Jack Black?
Clu: No in concert…damn…I forgot all about that movie.

So I decided that in preparation for the Mos Def concert tomorrow I would go and see “Be Kind Rewind” Now I am not a huge Jack Black fan…ugh…no…but I think Mos Def is aborable so I figured I could tolerate Black.

And then I watched the trailer…

I almost died on the damn floor! lol. The reviews I read online were mixed so I decided to save some money and see the show before noon because it is only $6 versus $12…

so at 10:50 this morning…10:50 in the frickin morning…I am in the theatre with my nachos and frozen beverage (there goes the money I saved) and about 10 other people

I loved the movie. Jack Black wasn’t as annoying as I anticipated and Mos Def was adorable. I really like the way Michel Gondry puts his pieces together. I suppose I could see how some people wouldn’t like the movie though…

Have you seen it? what are your thoughts? If you haven’t seen it…did it just not interest you or did you not realize it was out like me?


6 thoughts on “Movie time!

  1. Tina says:

    I too forgot about that movie! I’ll put that on my list of movies to see one day. I’m glad that you enjoyed your movie going and I hope that it helped alleviate the stress you’ve been under. Take care of yourself!

  2. Meikmeika says:

    I’m not a big Jack Black fan myself so I wasn’t too interested in the movie. I will rent it when it comes out on DVD though..

  3. Well, because I don’t watch commercials (shout out to DVR) I haven’t seen this on TV. But I remember going to the movies the last time (can’t remember what I saw) but I do remember seeing the preview. Some parts were kinda funny, but not you know…hilarious enough for me to say I want to see it. I hope you had fun watching it though.

  4. Bygbaby says:

    I am refusing to see this movie unless I go high. Did you have the large Icee??? :)Bygbaby

  5. Brenda says:

    Two words – Nacho Libre. Actually, before that movie, I kinda liked School of Rock and the one where he thinks his girlfriend is thin. But the only “review” I heard on this one was from Big Boy in the Morning as I drove to work and they were less than thrilled, if that’s anything to go by.

  6. Eb the Celeb says:

    I havent seen it because I hadnt heard anyone talking about it… but now that you have… I am definitely going to check it out… I love Mos!

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