We really must stop meeting like this…

Sorry for disappearing again! Work has been stressing me out…and I doubt everyone wants an “I hate my job!” post every single damn day…because that is surely all you would have gotten.

So how do I ease back into blogging after a hiatus? Random facts!

*No one in my immediate family is under 5’10. I always feel “normal” when I visit home.

*I have a conditional offer for an accounting consulting job. *sigh* HUGE weight off of my shoulders. The offer will become unconditional once I have been given my first assignment. I met with a recruiter and she liked my personality and sent my information to their consulting area. Supposedly I have the right personality for the job….along with the technical skills of course. I was just excited that she liked me enough that she wanted me to join her company.

*This new job is the last shot for accounting. If this doesn’t work and I get restless after a year…I will be back in school for something else before you can say “balance sheet”

*Speaking of jobs…in the past 7 days work has either made me cry from utter frustration or made it impossible to sleep a majority of the days. My supervisor is Satan and needs to be destroyed. Like seriously…I will spare you the stories but trust…just this Monday she did some slick shit that almost turned me into a case study. If I could have jumped across the desk and chocked her ass out I SOOOO would have. Like I would have stomped on her throat…lol.

(breath Clu)…I should have left when I first realized this wasn’t working…

*Oh! and I would like to propose a new rule…Good Accountants do NOT need to become supervisors. Just pay their asses more and give them stock options…but do NOT put them in charge of people. When you manage people…you usually need people skills. Just a thought…

*I drink man liquor. lol. I don’t drink often (I can only think of 3 times that I have had liquor in 2008)…but when I do…its usually Hennessy or Bacardi 151. Last night I went out to a bar to celebrate my job offer. This afternoon when I burped (yes I burp) I could still taste alcohol. Ick…

*I loved the boy bands of the late 90s. Actually I loved NSYNC. I was huge Mickey Mouse Club fan and it just translated. I am actually listening to NSYNC now. lol


*I didn’t do anything to my hair for my interviews. Freestyle @ 100% of the interviews

*I have to reset my workout counter…I got so thrown off with all of the thoughts of aggravated assault. lol.

*I have had random people telling me to smile. lol. I must be walking around with a nasty look on my face…

Oh shit! Tuesday was my…21 month anniversary. PICS!

*I can’t run my finger through my hair without a finger getting stuck in some new growth. lol. Thank goodness my appointment is coming up

*And eventhough I mentioned that I haven’t blogged because I didn’t want to talk about work…damn near half of my random facts can be related back to work. Bleh…



11 thoughts on “We really must stop meeting like this…

  1. SistaLocd says:

    OH NO NOT THE BAT! I have so many bad memories of when I used to drink 151! Two Words NEVER AGAIN! lolWell I’m sorry to hear about your prolonging bad situation at work. I really hope that you do find happiness soon! MOS DEF hunh? I’m so jealous! Have fun and you have a good weekend as well!

  2. sunsail says:

    oooh, so sorry work sux. you remind me of my co-worker/pseudo BFF. wanna talk about ABW?? AND she grew up in SE DC??? Serius agression issues… I’m a vodka girl myself. I wouldn’t be caught dead with a frou frou drink in hand… ugh.

  3. muslimahlocs says:

    i’m sure you will find a new gig that suits you. and you just had to mention the mos def concert…ah, enjoy.

  4. NappTown says:

    Girl no you are not going to see my biggest crush in the world! I looooove Mos Def! Please have fun enough for the both of us. Looks like you are on the right track for job happiness. Don’t stop til it happens. And good luck. My friends call me a wino. LOL! I love wine especially the dry reds.

  5. NappTown says:

    Oh man I forgot to tell you that your hair is looking really fab!

  6. Anonymous says:

    K.I.M. said….I 110% agree that true Accountants should not become supervisors. Their anal personalities do not allow them to be encouraging or likeable people. I have a 5 page single spaced memo (it was a CYA thing) regarding negative interactions between me and my former supervisor. One interaction being that she heard that black females mature faster than white ones due to the products that we use in our hair. WTF? Hopefully you’re new job will be more satisfying!

  7. Bygbaby says:

    Damn, your face must be jacked if people in NYC are telling you to smile!!! LOLAt this point, I dare not touch my hair because of the new growth. My locks cannot wait until Saturday but I can, I need that 125!!!Happy you are back.Bygbaby

  8. Tra says:

    Hey chica! Hope you are keeping ya head up. I can relate to the near uncontrollabe urge to choke my manager (-:

  9. brunsli says:

    Congrats on your new job offer! Sorry it’s been sucky where you are too.Please add conflict-driven lawyers to the list of bad managers.

  10. ayankha says:

    You are doin it big… I hope all has gone well with your job interviews.Henessy…B151… you are a soldier!

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