Locks & dogs

Mom (SS) & Cooper came to visit recently. I always forget my camera when I go home to visit so I snapped a few shots of SS’s hair

You can actually see signs of growth and such… (this won’t be my most articulate post…I am sleepy)


Anyways…Nicolay & Cooper “greeted” each other in their typical fashion…and continued to greet one another until they walked out of the door.

I so don’t need two dogs…

Oh…and some video footage of the visit…



6 thoughts on “Locks & dogs

  1. Meikmeika says:

    You and your mother both have some gorgeous locks! Cute puppies too..

  2. Lakia says:

    Clu… Your hair is beautiful!

  3. SistaLocd says:

    They where excited to see each other!Your mom’s hair is gorgeous! I see why you call her shine stealer! Lol Just kidding you all both have some beautiful locks!

  4. You two must be drinking some super Vitamin E water. I have not seen locks grow faster on any one else. Both of you have beautiful hair.

  5. Maryee says:

    I swear when the dust settles I’m gonna do a sisters, mamas, daughters, collage/video. Looking good!!! Nicolay and Cooper are adorable as usual.

  6. Jena Evans says:

    Your locs are slamming and getting super long!Blessings~

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