coping mechanism

the gym!!!

Yes…yes everyone…physical fitness will get me through this time of “blah”

I can’t very well sit around with my face all screwed up for the next few weeks…dare I say months *gasp* while I am looking for a new job. This job may get on my nerves but it will not…I repeat WILL NOT create any frown lines on my face. That’s a straight hell no…so I have to find something to keep me busy and will provide the correct boost to get me through the days ahead.

I have already gone to the gym/worked out 13 days out of the past 23 which is HUGE for me. So now I have to kick it up a notch week by week. This week I am going to aim to workout 30 minutes twice a day (Tae-bo before work & 30 minutes of the gym during lunch) and see how my body responds. If I had the time to do an hour of straight cardio a day I would…but since I don’t I will get it in however I can…

In addition to the exercise changes I am going to reincorporate WW into my life. I am not going to meetings but I do have all of my old materials so I can keep track of my points and exercise using their system without having to introduce myself weekly as:

“Hi! My name is Clu and I can’t push away from the dinner table” **

(Hi Clu)

Off topic: This guy literally chased me down to talk to me Tuesday. Long story short…I ask him how old he thinks I am (just a backwards way to get at his age without sounding too damn rude) he said that he thought I look like I am 22 (2 points for you)…I volunteer my real age and then ask him how old he is…37.


(subtract 37 points…)

Personally I am not comfortable dating anyone 12 years older than me…but you thought I was even younger than I am…so do you always just step to women 15 years younger than you? Now no judgment…everyone dates who they pleases…but 12 years my senior? No that shit is not ok.

Anyways…if you are curious to see if I am actually working out everyday, you can check the little log I have going on in the sidebar.

**Blogger’s note: they don’t really make you introduce yourself @ meetings. lol.


11 thoughts on “coping mechanism

  1. SistaLocd says:

    Girl aint nothing wrong with having a suga daddy, lol Naw but for real I understand due to the big age difference it is possible that you all would have nothing in common, but then again?Puff puff give! Your mojo that is! I have seem to lost mine. The last time I worked out was Monday and I have WW’s weigh in soon. Wish me luck. I wisk you luck as well with WW’s If you want any ideas or recipes let me know I have three of their cookbooks(You too Meikmeika if you read thisAlso if you don’t mind spending the money you can join online instead of going to meetings. I found out that meetings are very important for me, it is the only reason why I havent given up yet. I need the support! You are doing a good job on the workouts keep it up! How you deal with Taebo? I run the other way when I here that name or Billy Blanks, lol! Have a good weekend!

  2. Cluizel says:

    It just feels odd to me…he was probably trying to grab a girls butt in the hallway of school while I was learning how to crawl. lol. I think it wouldn’t bother me as much if he thought I was older and was then surprised that I was 25 but it was just the opposite. Maybe I will grow out of it but I always remember in high school when the male juniors would hunt down the freshman girls because everyone who was in school already knew they were lame as hell and we were clueless. I think of this as the same thing. lol. Just my issue I suppose. lol. Good Luck! Billy is my home skillet! I lost 50 pounds using only his workouts before. I swear by Tae-Bo

  3. Meikmeika says:

    I’m so proud of you!!! Doing the dern thing with exercising! My motivation comes in spurts and it’s so out the window right now. I’m rooting for you!!! By the way, what Tae Bo workout are you using? I need a good cardio workout and fear paying for the gym will be wasted money.I would have been concerned about the older dude as well. Why would he be chasing someone 12 years younger than himself? I guess he figured if you were naive he had a better chance…just sad….or maybe he was looking to take care of someone…hhmm..

  4. Cluizel says:

    Hi meikmeika! I just have the plain 30 minute basic workout. Once the workouts started coming with accessories I just decided to stick with what I have. Don’t laugh…but they are actual tapes and not DVDs. lol. They are that old. Thanks!

  5. Meikmeika says:

    Cluizel> I have that same one on VHS somewhere, I used it back in the day. I’ve been trying to start up exercising and Tae Bo is one of the best full body workouts, but there are so many Billy Blanks DVDs out. I bought the boot camp one and almost fell out after 5 minutes. I think I need to go back to the basics and find that VHS.

  6. SistaLocd says:

    50 pounds! Really? Maybe I need to put Turbo Jam down and go on a date with Billy! Speaking of upperclassmen due to the fact that the male upperclassmen where lame I fell victim to going after younger guys as well, lol. Hey if the men do it, why can’t the women? Go on with your bad self, If you loss weight before I know you could do it again! I’m rooting for ya!

  7. SistaLocd says:

    Okay I know that this isn’t important but I just wanted to let you know that my little run ends with Freshmen happened in College not high school. I didn’t want you ( you all ) to think that it was okay to rob the cradle!

  8. You know what??? My fat ass can’t push away from the table either. It’s amazing. I try and try – but I am literally intrigued by food – all types of food. I went to a new thai spot in my neighborhood – not that I had to order an appetizer, soup, and an entree – but I did – because I wanted to take in the experience…I think I have a problem. I love to cook, addicted to the food network, I think it’s just that I’m so passionate about food…The Lord made me this way. Amen.

  9. Hey there! I wish you much encouragement. I am on a strict diet and being more aactive myself. It is so hard to work out, commute to work, and keep your diet. I have Tae Bo bootcamp collecting dust in the corner. I did it once and fell out on the floor. I prefer swimming and walking. They don’t seem like real exercise but you loss weight.

  10. Bygbaby says:

    Any amount of exercise will add up no matter what, just do something to work that body. Summer is coming up so you gotta be right for the summer jump off. LOL12 years is not that bad but like you said, we all have preferences. My boo is 9 years older & has helped me learning many things including things about myself.If he has a job & few to none baby mamas, give him a holla.Bygbaby

  11. Bygbaby says:

    Oh “”Hi! My name is Clu and I can’t push away from the dinner table” **” get a hamster & keep it on the table. I hear that works.Samller but more meals have been helping me but sometimes a nigga has to throw down like never before. For that reason, I had my own weight loss setback for 3 weeks. 2 bite brownings & pizza were fucking me up big time.Bygbaby

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