I need to listen to myself…

Remember this post?




I REALLY need to trust my instincts…there is no point in always being right if you don’t listen to yourself. *sigh*

Now its time to fix this…


4 thoughts on “I need to listen to myself…

  1. what are u going to do??p.s that clip art is toooooo cute!

  2. n'Drea says:

    Girl, I hope you’re not banging your head on the desk like that. If so, you probably need to get out. Fast!

  3. yea – so what are u gonna do to fix it?

  4. Clu, I have an BBA and MBA in finance and work as a budget analyst right now. I don’t love it but I’m pretty good at at. The conclusion I have come to is that work is work. I don’t live to work, I work so I can live. Get it? My joy comes from my personal life and the things I can do because I earn a living. I have had more jobs that a little bit since graduating (I’m almost 35) and it finally hit me about 3 years ago. Work to LIVE and not vice versa. Think about it.

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